Thursday, July 22, 2010

Co-Angler Blogger Chris Ricci Wins US Open

Congratulations to Chris!!!

Look for a recap soon at his blog The Buzzzz

Looks like Tami Curtis had a rough last day and dropped into the 90's.

Also of note is that Pro Mike Hart of of Winnetka, Calif was caught cheating. Apparently he had multiple dead fish and when they got cleaned so they could go to charity they found a lead weight in the belly of a fish. They then checked all the dead fish being cleaned and found more weights. So the next day they flagged all the fish of anglers with multiple dead fish from the day before and found more fish with lead in the belly and now there was no doubt about who was guilty. Busted!!! blog has pictures of the weight.

It looks to me like it is 2 to 3ozs but I suppose it could be as much as 4 or 5ozs. Reports are that some fish had multiple weights. The weights looked to be specially made for the purpose by which they were used. This guy Mike Hart has been nothing short of a terror on the West Coast.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to my friend Chris Ricci! I dropped to 94th...oh well there's always next year to try again.

Mark Chief Torrez said...

Chris Ricci kicks butt this time. I will be gunning for you mister. But all that aside cograts Chris glad to see someone i know win it.
Mark Chief Torrez