Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Trophy Out & Dock Most Of the Way For 2023


About a month ago maybe even longer ago Roy Ponder of POW Ponder Weather on YouTube looked into his crystal ball and saw it getting cold around the start of November. I filed that in the back of my brain and enjoyed the warmer than average Fall we were having hoping Mr. Ponder had it wrong. Well, he nailed it, unfortunately. There will probably be no November bass fishing for me as I pulled it out of the lake on Halloween. I feared that with the cold temps tonight the area around the dock might freeze up, thus making pulling the dock out of the water a pain. The thought of fishing in 30-degree water temps in 40-degree conditions is not appealing. I'm packing it in for bass fishing in 2023.  I'll still fish at the Jetty and maybe at the GOMH as long as conditions allow.

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