Saturday, October 07, 2023

Rods and the Plan For The Bass Club Clash @ Mission Lakes

The Plan: I drew Brian Smude of the Range Bassmasters Club. I fished with Mr. Smude at the last Challenge Cup/Bass Club Clash I fished on Serpent Lake in 2021. My head wasn't in it that day, and I only caught 2 bass. Smude offered me the front of the boat multiple times, but I foolishly didn't take him up on it. I will definitely work something out with him this time because I do want to run the front of the boat unless we are clobbering them. Smude is a jig guy, so I expect to be on the weedline and maybe in the reeds on the Upper Lake.

Rods I'm Bringing:
7'6"MH LTB (Jig)
7'4" H Tatula (Buzzbait, Frog, Spinnerbait, Swim Jig)
7'4" H Tatula (Worm)
7' H Avid (Texas Rig)
7'MH Mojo (Cranks,Chatter,Topwater)
6'10" MH Tatula (Jigs, Chatter, Spinnerbait, Ned)
6'9" H Tatula Elite (Spinnerbait, Jigs)

6'6" MH Veritas (Neko, Ned, Fluke)

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