Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Women In Tournament Fishing


Christopher Decker wrote a three-part series about women in bass tournament fishing published in reverse order in Bassmaster Magazine. This was news to me because while I get Bassmaster Magazine I rarely look into what is inside the issue, especially during fishing season. I learned about the Series through the MN Bassheads Facebook Group when one of the members shared it with the group on Halloween when Part 1, the final installment was published online. I really enjoyed the perspectives of the Women Anglers in Part 1, especially veteran angler Pam Martin-Wells. She went into the history of women's bass tournament angling, which used to have a bunch of participation back in the day, but has been in a steady decline for longer than I have had this blog if I correctly understood Wells timeline. 

At the MN Bassheads Facebook Group, I noted that the decline in participation seems to coincide with the rising price of high-end fishing gear for bass fishing.  Maybe that is just a coincidence or maybe there is a correlation that can be made. I don't know.  

Women in Fishing: Part 1

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