Friday, October 06, 2023

The Dumster Fire Got Put Out

 The Minnesota Vikings finally won a game thanks to a scoop and score and a stout D that rattled a young QB. The Vikings offense wasn't great, only putting up 14 points for us, and 7 points for them on an early pick 6.  Final Score Vikings 21 Carolina 13. This win at least opens the door up for some hope for the playoffs and maybe a little hope we might be able to steal a game from the Chiefs or 49ers at home this month. They just have to turn off the turnover spigot on offense and get the crowd into the game. The Chiefs focus level might not be there this week after pulling out a close one vs., the Jets in NY this past week. And the 9ers play may be in a similar situation after playing the Browns in Cleveland the week before facing us on Monday Night Football. Division games at ChiTown and Green Bay will just need to take care of themselves. All we really need is two more wins this month and our playoff hopes are alive and well.

I had no clue who that Akers kid we acquired was, but he looked stout. 

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