Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My First Fishing Derby Ever

I wrote this over at Bass Boat Central and thought it was worth sharing here:

My first ever tournament was a Boy Scout ice fishing derby on Beebe Lake around 1978 or so that was run by one of my Dad's best friends who was the Scout Master. I had not ice fished more than once or twice in my life prior; It may even have been the first time I was allowed to ice fish, but I don't think so. We didn't really have rods; we used a dowel with two pegs for wrapping the line on that had stiff fiberglass section with a rod tip. If you got a bite you just pulled the line in hand over hand the way people do with tip ups now. I don't think I had a bite that day. I remember being fascinated by a guy who had a small one man fish house and he was catching fish. All the fish houses I'd ever seen to that point were big one's for multiple people.


Loomis Dude said...

Awesome story! /brings back memories for me as well. :)

Andrea Wilkins said...

Great story. My first experience with ice fishing was actually speer fishing in northern Canada. We used these giant long speers with inserted metal tips on the end to penetrate the water through a tiny hole that had been made before I got there. Later I'd go on to take part in Ice fishing tournaments with rods. Some of the best days of my childhood. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Andrea Wilkins @ Getaway Outdoors