Friday, January 09, 2015

Bass Snatchers Meeting Tomorrow

The cold and wind have kept me off the ice this week.  We have our first Baxter Bass Snatcher meeting of the year tomorrow.  We will be putting together tentative lakes and dates for our 2015 tournaments.  I am hoping that Platte/Sullivan and Woman Lake are on the schedule this year.  I think there is a lot of regret over not going to Woman last year with the huge smallmouth bags it put out for other tournaments.  It's been 4 years since we were last at Platte/Sullivan so I'm thinking this year it's about due.  Speaking of being about due or should I say more like long over due are my re-cap's of the last four tournaments of last year.  I still plan on doing them.  I have almost started doing the Leech Lake Tournament a couple of times.  I can remember that suckfest the most vividly of all the tournaments I fished last year.  I am sure I will get around to doing the recap's sometime before ice goes off the lakes around here this Spring.

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