Sunday, December 02, 2012

I'm at a Loss!

How can Christian Ponder suck so bad?

I have been on Ponder's side up until now.  The game today in Green Bay was brutal. It was our game to win but 2 foolish 3rd Quarter interceptions while in fieldgoal range just killed us.  For the first time today I thought Ponder should have been benched.  The first interception was yet another terrible roll out throw against the grain that was off the mark right to a defender  who was waiting in the end zone.  Talk about a buzzkill to start the 2nd half.   At a minimum we should have been up 17-10.  Instead the Packers got a fieldgoal to cut our lead to 1 at 14-13.  Then we went 3 and out twice and the Packers scored   to go up 20 to 14.

So Peterson gets us going on another drive,  when Bam another INT. That second interception was it for me.  The play should have been a run as Peterson clearly had yet another huge whole to go through. But instead it was play action pass into disaster.  The ball should have never been thrown and it totally took the wind out of our sails.  The Pack went on a very long drive, kicked a fieldgoal and it was pretty much game over at 23 to 14.

23-14, Seriously!!!  No second half points, Seriously!!!  Peterson rushes for 210 in three quarters and we get 14 points, Seriously!!!  Aggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I hope the team takes this loss better than I have.  I'm totally deflated.

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