Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fishers Of Men Club Fall Outing Pictures Sept 28&29

This 17 incher was caught on Mule Lake with a bluegilll colored Strike King Pure Poison with green pumpkin Craw Fatty Trailer on Friday.

This 28.5" Pike was caught on Saturday on the same Pure Poison at Town Line Lake.  It was my first fish of the day and I was lucky I caught it because in totally inhaled the thing and I didn't have a leader on it. I put a leader on it and caught a few more small pike.  I also managed to catch 3 decent bass.  I caught my third bass on the last cast of the day.  It bit just as Mike Thompson laid the hammer down as we were going in.  It turned out that fish along with my 3 best pike won me FallEE WallEE for the 3rd straight year.

Mike Thompson got a 19" bass on Town Line Lake


Tami Curtis said...

Hey Bass Pundit....just stopping by to say hi. Looks like you have been very busy fishing! Hope all is well.

Basspastor said...

Actually this is the only fishing I've done since late July. I've been having back problems. I've gotten a bit better in the past few weeks but I'm nowhere close to being 100%

Ketchikan Alaska Fishing Charters said...

Nice pictures! I really love when people and blogs bring positive attention to these awesome, native, and prehistoric fish!

Georgia Grace said...

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