Friday, October 26, 2012

Vikes Disappoint Tonight

I wish tonight's game would have been in Tampa Bay because the Vikings didn't show up ready to play.  We started out down 13 to nothing and it never got closer than 6 points for a brief time in the 2nd quarter.  The Vikings have to have the Defense play better than they did for us to have a chance.  They were probably still a bit winded from Sunday when the Cardinals easily owned the time of possession. Plain and simply it looked like The Bucs wanted this one more.

Ponder seems to be getting pounded on Facebook by a lot of the fans, but his numbers tonight weren't that much different than Freeman's.  He was sacked 3 times and was knocked down several more.  The fact is he was put in poor down and distance far to many times.  I wish the naysayers would just shut up for a while and see what happens with Ponder.  It's way to early to call him a failure.  The interception at the end was unfortunate and meaningless.

The fumbles by Peterson and Simpson were just killers in the first half and the touchdown at the start of the 2nd half was the final nail in the coffin.  The Vikings were not going to come back from being down 17 points.  The game at best would have been 36 to 33 with scores on our last two possessions where we got into the red zone.

Hopefully we can bounce back and give Seattle a game.

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