About Me

Hi I'm Bass Pundit aka the Basspastor or  Dave Maas

I was born a fisherman on 1/3/1970. My fondest early memories are of waking up before day break to go fishing for largemouth bass with my Dad on Sylvia/Twin Lake in Wright County MN. Fishing has always been in my blood and the older I got the more fishing and bass fishing has become a passion.  

Thanks to a heart attack that did major damage to my heart  at age 33, I am currently blessed to live in Central Minnesota with my parents near some lakes where the weeds grow thick and the largemouthth bass grow big (well, big for MN anyway). There are few things in life like a big ole toad smacking a weedless frog through the wild rice, reeds, pads, or other slop. My favorite techniques are slopping weedless frogs, Zoom Super Flukes, dippers/swimbaits and topwater.  Mille Lacs lake and it's big smallies aren't far away for me either.

 I do fish for more than bass as this weblog proves. I enjoy catching pike, walleye, and crappie and I can't forget dogfish.   I am the President of the Minnesota Bowfin Club and the winner of the 2004 and 2006 MBC Grand Championship.  

I am a fan of the MN Vikings.  I also keep blogs that journal my fishing trips and  tournament experiences among other things; Check out the Bass Pundit Blog Franchise Empire on my Blog Roll to find those blogs. 

 In addition to the heart attack in 2003 I had a stroke in December of  2011. It has affected my ability to blog somewhat. My brain just isn't as sharp as it was before.  Fortunately the impact on my fishing abilities seems to be pretty minimal. 

I've been blogging at Bass Pundit since 2004.

19"er from 2011
20.25 Smallie from 2010
 Townline FallEE WallEE Winner 2011

Crappie from Wapo 2005
Dogfish Champion 2004

Walleye at Eddy's from 2010


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