Thursday, May 09, 2024

MN Fishing Opener Outlook And Plan

 I think it has the potential to be a banga. We have rising water levels and very good water temps so the shallows should be full of hungry fish. 

My plan is to sleep in on Friday, so I am well rested. I plan to leave for Eddy's Jetty by 11PM, which hopefully will allow me choice of location on the North Jetty, Maybe no one will be there and I'll have it all to myself. Unlikely, but it has happened. 

Decision Time will be at 2:45AM. If the fishing is nonstop lights-out action  I'll stay longer,  if not I'll head home with the goal of being at the Grumpy Old Man Hole by 4:15AM, which should allow put me there after the midnight crew and before the early risers thus getting me the NE corner. This may be the end of my Opener morning if the Trophy is not available.

I'm not sure if the Trophy will be in the water. The Pontoon lift is where I traditionally beach it and I think the water level is probably too high now for me to beach it on the West side of the dock where I beached it last year when water levels were really low. I'm pretty sure Todd and Kristen are coming up  this weekend, which means I'll have to tone down my fishing ambitions and assist Todd with getting the pontoon and wave runner launched.

I hope to update this when I know more. I've still got three days to get things nailed down. 

Update: It's Thursday. I plan to put the Trophy in Platte Lake this morning. It looks like there is enough room for it to fit and if not I'll tie it off on the East side of the dock. I'll do my tackle prep for Opener after I wake up Friday afternoon. I really haven't given much thought to bass fishing yet at all for this year. I would say there is 75% chance I will fish for at least a couple of hours in the Trophy Opener morning. I'm not sure what time Mom will need the car.  The rest of the weekend is up in the air. I'm guessing Todd and I will go out Saturday night for bass if everything goes smoothly getting the pontoon in. A Sunday morning trip is a big ? at this point; I will just have to see how fishing goes on Saturday and consult with Todd.

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