Thursday, December 27, 2018

Why? I Don't Get It

This is comment a Vikings fan wrote on an article I read today.  Sure it's a guy giving his opinion that the Vikes aren't a Super Bowl team this year.  I get that.  But why rule out the Vikings chances all together? 

I don't know if they are a Super Bowl worthy team or not.  I place no faith in anyone's predictions about how this Vikings team will perform because these Vikings are a very talented team that has only put things together this season in fits and starts.  I would say it's a 55% chance the Vikes continue to play this way and get bounced from the playoffs, a 30% chance the Vikes play well but get bounced anyway which leaves me believing the Vikes have a 15% chance of making the Super Bowl as of right now.  In my opinion, the playoff's started last week for the Vikes.  Here's how I think they can continue on:

Keys to Vikings making a Super Bowl run:
1. Offensive Line getting it's act together. (run, Dalvin run)
2. Cousin's playing inspired turnover-free football
3. Shut Down D not allowing more than 20 pts a game
4. Kicker making his kicks

My outlook for this week:
Trubitsky isn't going to come into U.S. Bank and bounce us.  20% Chance of that happening.

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