Sunday, December 30, 2018

The 20% Chance I Gave To The Bears Comes To Fruition, Vikes Bounced

What a disappointing performance!  First by the Vikings O-line.  Second by the Referees.

I am giving Kirk Cousins a break on this game. The Vikings Offense Line played like they didn't believe they were good enough.  That was some uninspired football by them.  They didn't step up the challenge at all.  I expect major changes on this unit next year.

I wonder how the game would have turned out had the Ref. done the right thing and kept the flag in his pocket on that roughing the passer call on Weatherly on third down when the Bears were deep in our territory.  That was a ticky tack call that was a gut punch to the Defense and deflated the crowd.  Had the Bears kicked the ball in that spot the game might have turned out differently.  The ref's made a number of questionable calls this game going against both sides, but this the call that led directly to Bears going up by two scores and was the most critical play of the game in my mind.  It's a shame that the outcome of the game very well may have hinged on a poor call.

I think the Bears are gonna have their hands full if Foles is able to go next week.  I think they made a huge mistake by putting up a fight against us this week.  Their offense played a lot of snaps against our D and played very impressively.  I think it is going to be tough for them to duplicate next week.


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