Saturday, February 02, 2013

Our New Dog (Kaylee)

This is our new dog Kaylee.  She is a mutt from the Leech Lake reservation that we got yesterday from the Humane Society at Little Falls.  She is obviously part shepherd mixed with who knows what else.  She didn't take to me right away when she met me here at the house.  She definitely likes Mom and Dad over me at this point, but we are getting along well.  She is a sweetie pie.  She shows almost no interest in the cat,so they are getting along.  Lilah, our chihuahua mix, and her haven't gotten into it yet, which is good sign.  She seems to be pretty mellow and mild mannered. She doesn't seem to know any commands.  I'm working on sit.  She isn't a very diligent student, so this may take a few days.

I think she's gonna be a keeper.

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