Monday, December 10, 2012

Give AP The Rock! It's About Time

(Photo: Brace Hemmelgarn, USA TODAY Sports)
"68% Pass 32% rush on a day they were not shutting down Peterson. Peterson 18 carries for 106 yards. That was just absurd. He should of had 10 more carries, easily. Well there is always next week."

I wrote this two weeks ago when the Vikes played the Bears in Chicago.  Then last week Peterson had 210 on 21 carries versus Green Bay.  Once again I thought that was about 5-10 carries less than he should of had.

Finally this week we gave Peterson the Rock 31 times.  He went for 154 and 2 TD's and we beat the bears 21-14.  IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!

With Percy Harvin out for the season there is no reason why Peterson should't carry the ball on the order of the number snaps he did today.  The first game Percy was out versus the Lions Peterson carried the ball 27 times for 171 yards with 1TD and we won that game as well. Peterson is looking better than he ever has in his carrier and that's saying something.  The last seven games he has run well over 100 yards per game.  If Peterson can run at 5 yards or more per carry we've got to keep feeding him the ball. It makes no sense not to do it.

If it means that Ponder only attempts to throw the ball 21 times like he did in yesterday's game so be it.


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