Thursday, July 19, 2007

BASS Elite Erie Day 1

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There is no BassZone On the Water blogging this tournament.

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
A rough day for BP1, it's gonna take a miracle on days 2 and 3 to get the team on solid footing. Bpboys have Hirosky, but after that it is pretty sparce.

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Anonymous said...

Hey BP,
I think I'll be able to post some more entrys from here on out. I did not get out fishing last week either. I do have 18 1/4" bass from last night, felt good to get back out and actually get into a mess of bass. We ended up with about 20 between the two of us over four hours, four of them made the 18" mark. I still can't fish with a baitcaster, gotta stick with the spinning rig for now. Not the best time of year to get back into the swing of things- hot and sticky out there.