Saturday, June 24, 2006

It's official:
Dave Maas wins 2006 Bowfin Championship

Dave Maas won his second Grand Championship in the Minnesota Bowfin Club (MBC). The Hillman, MN angler also won the Championship in 2004. Maas took the lead early, registering a 30 inch fish in April this spring, and was never seriously challenged for the title. His nearest competition was a 25 inch fish recorded by Chuck Fields, of Brainerd, for a distant second place.

Maas caught the winning bowfin (sometimes called dogfish) on April 26, 2006, on Mille Lacs Lake. He was sight fishing, and used a ½ oz white jig & pork rind. Maas is the first person to win two Grand Championships since the club began competition in 1999

The MBC tournament occurs each spring to see who can catch and release the largest Bowfin. The Bowfin is considered a “rough fish,” by some. However, this fish puts up a great battle when taken on traditional bass fishing equipment. The MBC promotes fishing for these fish using artificial lures, and releasing them unharmed. Bowfins play a valuable role in the eco-system of any lake.

The MBC tournament season is held from ice out until June 15th each spring. For a complete listing of tournament rules and registration procedures, please visit the MBC website at

FYI-Dave Maas is the BP.


Anonymous said...

Very nice dogfish champ@!

nl said...

interesting site. Thanks for putting this to read the archives.


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Anonymous said...

Congrats to the champ..!
Fishin Dog

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see your site on the bowfish. I caught one under my dock two days ago, next to a basket of sunfish, because i lazily didn't reel up my line all the way up after i decided to take a break from fishing. 27 inches - doesn't seem to bad for a first bowfin, being i didn't know what the heck it was after i walked into shallow water, where it broke my 6 pound test, and i jumped on it and threw it on the shore. Congrats, and thanks for the info.