Friday, June 09, 2006

On tommorrows tournament at Lobster Lake: My pre-fish didn't go well and now lousy conditions are going to prevail. It is gonna get cold and it will be a wet and windy morning. This will probably make the fishing tough. Not looking that much foreward to fishing this one.

BassFan's Jay Kumar is blogging the Skeeters Owners Tournament this weekend at Lake Fork, TX at the BassFan Army Site
Day One Here
Day Two Here

Check out this somewhat new fishing blog Black Gumbo a good primer post would be How We Started This Fishing Thing, and Why Excerpt:
Our first fishing trip of 2006 was spawned by my son’s question “Dad, when can we go fishing again?” I had really been trying hard for years to find some activity that my son really embraced. He had tried sports, and while he was enjoying himself, he really wasn’t embracing it like some kids do. Swimming, soccer, gymnastics, all were tried, all were dropped. He got into BMX racing for while too, but the heat really kills that sport in the summer for all but the most dedicated.

And to add another layer to our quest for something he would really click on, I never really was an integral part of his outdoor activities. That bugs me. You see, we believe in a strong family identity and we foster things that some folks consider out of place. We belong to a classical education home schooling program of maybe 200 kids; we attend a family integrated church where we worship together, not segregated; we actually sit down to eat dinner as a family more often than not; and we do stuff together because we like each other. All four of us genuinely like each other! Imagine that. So my desire was to carry on that kind of togetherness with my son’s activities. Sports wasn’t cutting it.
It looks like the fishing is centered around inshore down in Texas.

See a Fish shaped coffin at The Trout Underground

Don't miss this blog: Spike of Living the Dream has his tribute to Kirby Puckett done. Actually it was done March 17th but I've not been to his blog since then.

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