Friday, September 28, 2018

Mini-Bucks Tournament on Mission Lakes Tomorrow

This is an annual tournament between guys in the Baxter Bass Snatchers that has been going on for quite a few years.  This will be my third year fishing it as Chuck Steinbauer's partner.  The lake is broken down into as many sections as boat's fishing.  Each team starts in a different numbered hole.  We fish about an hour in each hole and then go to the next one in line until we have fished them all.  I've fished Mission in the fall when it's been tough and when it's been OK.  Hard to say what this cold weather tonight will do to the bite.

Here are the rods I'm Bringing:
7'4" H Tatula (Buzzbait/Frogs)
7'4" H Zillion (Jig)(Braided Line)
7'3" MH LTB (Horny Toad)
7'2" H Tatula (Jig) (FC Line)
7'1" MH (Swimbait)
7' H Avid (Crawtube)
7' MHM Mojo (Chatterjig)
6'10" MH Crucial (Spinnerbait)

And a last-second addition while I was composing this list:
6'6" M GLX Spin (Ned Rig)   

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