Friday, October 07, 2016

Day 200

Today was the 200th Day this year I put a bait in the water.  I'm pretty sure I've never fished that many days in a year before.  I didn't land anything, but I did briefly have a small toothy bullhead on and that counts as a catch for me.  Long line release.

I'm fishing a Mini Bucks Tournament, patterned after the old Bassmaster Mega Bucks Tournaments, tomorrow on Rabbit Lakes with Chuck Steinbauer.   There are 4 holes on the lake and a fifth one is the Pit.  We will have a certain amount of time to fish each one, and then I think we get the last period to go where we choose.  It's going to be a chilly one in the morning.  The 9AM start time should help at least a little.  I'm not sure if it's winner take all. I'm also not sure how many boats are fishing.  Fishing with Chuck I like our chances. I need t get to bed

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