Saturday, August 20, 2016

Snatcher Quick Report Rabbit Lake

Big Dog
I didn't quite make it to 12lbs, but I got close.  It took almost all day to land 6 keepers.  Just couldn't get rid of a 12.75". The guys caught them pretty good so I'm pretty sure I'm in the bottom quarter of the field.  I got bit off 3 times and with a couple hours left had the line break at the rod on my craw tube rod with a lot of line out; It was unusable after that.  I couldn't get a hit on the Chigger Craw.  You can't tell from the picture, but the dogfish was a brute that put up a really good fight.  I'd say it was 7 or 8 pounds.  I didn't get a length because I tried to take a selfie holding it up with pliers, but it wiggled loose and off the back of the boat.  I'll have the full tournament report sometime later this week.
Bowfin Selfie fail.

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