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The Saga of 3 Days with Cisco Pete

Ok, so I know it's been over for a couple of days but I haven't bothered to blog it. I got my open water crappie rods rigged last night and will be plying one of my super secret early season metro spots before tomorrow night Fishers of Men meeting. I still need to BP Fishing Log Blog. My time with Cisco Pete and my last couple of trips. I plan on doing that in the next couple of hours.

Anywhere go here for an update on the progression of ice out in MN

And Now The Saga of 3 Days with Cisco Pete
Pistol Pete arrived up here late on the 13th of March. I'd totally forgotten he was coming due to the parents getting home just a day earlier. Anyway, he got settled after some chatter and then we got to bed.

On Monday the 14th Pete and I got up around 5AM and were on the lake around 6 armed with minnows only. We got one half way descent crappie and then Don Weinmeister showed up and started fishing just North of us. Don had been getting the tullibee on waxies and we didn't have any so he borrowed us some. With the waxies we got some sunnies, perch, and Pete got his first tullibee (in Pic with Don visible in background).
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We fished until about 9 but it really slowed and so we headed in for lunch. We gave the tullibee and crappie to Don. I showed Pete my Blogs and he saw that I called him "Pistol" but he didn't like that nickname and thought he should be called "Cisco" Pete cause he out fished me (tullibee are also called ciscos). So "Cisco Pete" it is.

We took a short nap then headed to Brainerd around 2PM to go look at tackle. We went to the new Super Walmart, Mills, and Reeds. I don't think either of us bought anything. Anyway, on the way home Pete and I got in a little discussion about women pastors and the Bible; Pete being vehemently against and me taking the opposite position. Cyber-Thompson had warned me a long time ago about ever debating with Pete, especially on spiritual topics, but Pete had been getting on my nerves (imagine that) and so I stepped into the sink hole just wanting to see what would happen. Pete and I don't share the same views on some things but whether I want to hear about those things or not Pete is gonna talk.

Anyway, when I go into debate mode, I can be a bit flamboyant and loud and Pete did not care for that one bit and went on the lecture me about this, that, and the other about how my tone was "un-biblical" and "un-christian" yada yada yada. I really got Pete quite pissed off and frankly enjoyed doing it, because pushing his buttons was easy.  He got to the point to where he wanted me me to stop the car, so we could get out and fight. At that point I decided to shut up and Pete lectured me all the rest of the way home. By the time we got back it was dark. Mom prepared a good chicken supper for us, and we didn't bother going out fishing again.  We watched TV and Pete spent time on the internet and we talked a little bit as well.. As it turns out we forgot to get waxies for tomorrow..

3/15 Slow fishing, slow boil.
Got up earlier and Pete made eggs for breakfast, and before breakfast Pete was kind enough to apologize for losing his temper on the way home from Brainerd. We went out just a wee bit earlier than the day before with maybe 4 waxies left.  I got a very nice crappie right away and got a few sunnies and perch but the tullibee just would not bite even though we would see them on the electronics. At 6:30 I headed to Bear Trax to get waxies. It was slow, Pete spent a bunch of time talking with Don, who came out again. We headed back in for a nap around 10.

We got up around 4PM and headed out to try for crappies at "the hole." Managed a couple small ones but it was really slow. Pete had to run back to the house, and I got like 8 and I think a couple of keepers in the 1/2 hour or so he was gone. It was slow so we headed for Sullivan, as that I had some spots I wanted to try. Instead of letting me guide Pete took charge and so we ended up fishing where I did not want to go. Pete is OCD about setting up a hole for fishing, which doesn't lend itself very well to a quick search to find fish. Anyway, we spent our time pretty much in the same area and only got 1 or 2 little Crips. I was not happy about not moving quicker and not getting to the area's I wanted to try. Ole "Cisco" was wearing on me pretty good by now.

3/16 A Day Too Far
Got up early again and I was in a foul mood. When I'm in a foul mood, I can be pretty snippy. Pete of coarse was Pete all through breakfast. Headed over to Sullivan around 6AM and the fishing started out fairly slow.  After getting set up my heater quickly ran out of juice, as if my attitude wasn't bad enough. Then as I was reaching foreword to do something Pete asked me to "turn up" the gain on the Vex. It was already way up and I was thinking to myself "why in the world is he asking me to do that" so I ignored him. After a couple of seconds Pete told me to do it again. Pete is a person that just will not be ignored if he wants something and so I turned the gain up just a nudge and sat back down. After a couple more seconds Pete then asks me to turn the gain down a little, after I had only just turned it up a little after being asked to turn it up.

The Fish Trap Cage Match of 2005:I snapped back at him frustrated, "you just asked me to turn up and I did, now you want me to turn it down." Pete then snapped back at me about how my problem is that I don't listen or am hard of hearing and he never said for me to turn it up in the 1st place; even though that is exactly what he told me to do twice. I was fuming, but Pete said this is stupid and I'm not gonna make a big deal out of it just after lecturing me on how I am hard of hearing or how don't listen and I was all wrong. I was quite sure if anything he misspoke twice because the first time I ignored him intentionally after looking at the dial and because he then asked the exact same thing a second time when I begrudgingly did as he asked. Because of my confidence in what I heard I wasn't gonna let Pete get the last word in this time and so I was adamant that it was not my hearing that was bad, but that he misspoke and now was unwilling to admit it.

At this point instead of letting it go like he said he was going to and letting me get the last word in. Pete laid into me much harder than before about anything he could think of. That was it, I flung the Trap open and yelled at him to get out and go sit in the car cause I didn't wanna here it. He was like "OK, drive me home and I'll leave" and I was like "heck no! you either sit in the car shut up or walk back cause and I'm gonna fish." And so Pete was like "no way, than I'm gonna fish to."  Don who was fishing just to the North of us must have thought we were crazy.

So I closed the trap down and Pete was like lets talk about this calmly and I agreed and went on to try and tell Pete as calmly as possible what an absolutely annoying personality he had. Meanwhile Pete tried to as calmly as possible tell me about every fault that I have that he could come up with. To which my standard retort became, for him to look in the mirror. Anyway during this bickering back and forth I started calming down because I had the satisfaction of knowing on the substance I had the better of it.

The only bad part about it was during this time Pete whacked a tullibee or two.  Then I had to listen yet again about how the color and action of his lure was why he was catching them and why I was getting skunked. But low and behold, I caught myself one. We gave the tullibee to Don and took these pics before he left.
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3 of those fish were from us the rest were for "Santa" as Cisco nicknamed Don. Ole Cisco thought Don was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
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They bloody themselves real easy from hoping on the ice.

Who's this ugly dude?

When Don left I headed to Bear Trax and get my propane tank refilled. By the time I got back Pete landed another, maybe even two. I then proceeded to lay the smackdown on the last 4 or so we got, including one that fought like a sun of a gun. Pete kind of freaked out thinking that one was extra huge. I also had one come unhooked in the hole, Pete said, "grab it." I said, "I don't care if it goes back down, I'm not gonna grab it."; forget about getting my arm all wet. Anyway this tullibee started going down the hole tail first but then it did a quick tail burst and popped right up into my "trough" right where I could grab it. Here's Pics of the later fish:
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Anyways, we stayed until about Noon and the fish bit in the overcast conditions. We packed up to discover the Explorer was outta juice, so dad had to come and give us a jump.

We got back had a pizza and Pete left, just barely because his car broke down just before Little Falls.  I felt like I needed therapy, which I later got by talking with CyberThompson.

Anyway that is the tale of Cisco Pete!
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This and the rest of my "Last Ice Adventures" are over at the BP Fishing Log Blog.

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