Saturday, November 20, 2004

Welcome from the BP to the Bass Pundit Blog

Originally the B.P. stood for Bass Pastor, a nickname given to me when I was a Youth Pastor. Naturally the nickname stemmed from my being a Youth Pastor and avid Bass Fisherman. I liked it and it has stuck even though my days of being a pastor are probably over. I use the Bass Pastor for one of my hotmail accounts, and also for a moniker on fishing bulletin boards/forums and for Fantasy Bass Fishing with ESPN/BASS and FLW.The B.P. took on new meaning when I was excommunicated from Minnesota's #1 Fishing Website and forum ( and from that episode the alias the "Banned" Pastor and Bass Poacher was added. My fishing buddy and nemesis the Cyberfish also calls me the Bass Putz.And now with the launch of the Bass Pundit blog there is yet another alias for the B.P.This Blog will be a true fishing weblog with Pics of the BP's fishing exploits, successes and misses starting in 2005, along with being used for other miscellaneous purposes such as Commissioning a Fantasy Bass Fishing League, ripping or praising products, and commentary on bass fishing issues, personalities, and news.So Welcome to my blog where the weather isn't always great, the fish aren't always biting and the fisherman's stories are always the truth.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bass Pundit, thanks for leaving a comment in my blog and your nice word and your encouragement ;) Hey, is that fish is really green? I never seen a green fish like that.

Steve vonBrandt said...

Pretty cool site. I read all about them banning you and such. LOL People are really something man. Anyway, nice blog. Pretty good stuff. Stop by my site sometime, I promise I wont ban you. LOL Tight lines, Steve Delaware Trophy Bass at

Randy S. Breth said...

I wouldn't ban you - matter of fact, I don't know why I didn't put you on my blogroll earlier.