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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Found: The Lost Nomad (Korea)

Back in the early days of my blog two of the first bass fishing bloggers I came across were a couple of American expats living in South Korea. One blog was The Bass Hole and the other was The Lost Nomad. If you go to The Bass Hole link you will see Gar stopped blogging in June of 2006 and I think The Lost Nomad totally disappeared about a year before that.

Lo and behold yesterday by a freak accident of Google I discovered The Lost Nomad is still blogging at a group blog titled Fishing Korea and Bass Pundit is even on their blogroll. The Fishing Korea archives go back to May of 2005, which is about when The Lost Nomad disappeared.

It's cool to see that one of the bass fishing blog pioneers has been at it this whole time.

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