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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bassmaster Classic Day Final (Anglers On the Water)

More Coming... (I re-arranged the posts so now they are in soonest to latest order)

2011 Bassmaster Classic live blog is pulling the plug.

Looks like the pro's are pulling in a the docks.

Ohh Boy Aaron Martins must of just landed a "log donkey" Basstrakk has him at 29lbs for the day, which unofficially puts him a pound and a half behind KVD. Yikes!!!

Some lady with B.A.S.S. jersey on the livefeed from the launch just took a spill. Ha!

Well it seems the blog has caught fire this hour, I hope the traffic keeps up.

Even though KVD is going to run away with it for the 2nd year straight, today was a slugfest. Basstrakk has 5 bags at 20lbs+

KVD styled Chuck Norris jokes on the blog. Highlights
• KVD can win a game of Connect Four in only three moves.
• KVD doesn't need to actually cast for fish, he simply goes to a river or lake and says: "You, you, you, you and you -- in the livewell!"

Yes, again today I will liveblog the weigh-in.

It's interesting Basstrakk just updated for Federation Angler Palaniuk and they have him up on Ike by 3lbs plus. Wonder if they go with Ike who has the name and bigger bag for the day or little known Palaniuk who appears to have the better overall weight. I would think they have to go with Palaniuk. I wonder when they start putting anglers in "the hot seat."

Even though it's over, it will be interesting to see who they put in the final 6. By Basstrakk it will be KVD, Martens, Remitz, Chapman, Duckett, Ike. It looks like there will be some killer bags.

New Info:(Erased)

On the blog they keep calling Remitz's big one a "log donkey" which is apparently a Louisiana thing.

The big question now: Just how many more millions of dollars did KVD just put in Strike King's pockets on their new square bill crankbaits.

OK I have officially called it. Basstrakk now has KVD with 22lbs and it says he has caught 17 bass today.

Basstrakk has KVD with 21lbs. I would say it's over in fact I'm going to call it in a minute. I wonder if Rick Clunn will be the one to pass him the trophy?

Derek Remitz with a big fish, but not sure if it's THE big fish.

Update: From the blog The Wolverine gets ridiculous
Remitz's cameraman Brian Mason just confirmed that his big fish was a 10-pounder. That gives him close to 25 pounds. Rediculous.
If that is true and Remitz gets one more like it, it could be the biggest upset in Classic history. Go Derek!!!

If VanDam goes on to win, he'll surpass the $5 million mark in B.A.S.S. earnings. What's more, he'll have won more B.A.S.S. tournament prize money than the next two anglers combined!

Update- It is being reported that KVD will indeed break the Bassmaster Classic 3 Day 5 fish limit weight record.

Something to think about: Tournament fishing and fishing in general can be a funny thing. Think about Brent Chapman and the longer fog delay. Conventional wisdom is that if he would have had longer to fish that his bag for the day would have been bigger. Yes that might be the case, but you can bet his bag would have been different. He may or may not have caught some of the fish he did catch and he probably would have caught a few that he didn't catch. His bag very well might have been lighter. Given a longer time it's almost certain his timing and placement of baits would have been different and that means a different result in all likelyhood. I suppose the same holds true for KVD, but a little less so as he had the time to be more methodical and with GPS it's likely that he still would have hit the same spots at the same times later in the fishing day when he got his bigger fish.

Don't miss Big Indiana Bass blogs Analysis of Basstrakk on Day 2...

For the next few hours I will be reading the Classic Blog, watching Basstrakk, and scouring the Internet for the stuff I would have looked at last night. I will be posting some of those things from time to time, so be sure to check back.

So will it be Godzilla's Day?

And under To Much Information:
With such limited time to fish yesterday, Kriet reported that some of life's necessities took a back seat. He ate a candy bar at 70mph and, ahem, relieved himself, without ever stopping flipping is Yo Mama.

Well I kind of had Bassmaster Classic overload after following things all day yesterday through the weigh-in so I laid down and ended up falling asleep early. Today is the earliest I have been up for the tournament. Only a short fog delay today and the anglers were off by 7:30AM Central, which I think put the delay at 30 minutes. On the 2011 Bassmaster Classic live blog this morning it was reported that Brent Chapman had radar put on his boat.

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