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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bassmaster Classic Final Day Weigh In (Liveblogging)

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And press conference ends.

"I don't compete to break records...I compete to win"

KVD talks about 1st Classic win, not scouting this year, ruling out Venice, talks about hard bottom in that spot and it was a protected area. Checked it twice in practice and never got a bite until last practice day. "I made some adjustments a little quicker than some of the other guys did."

"The first day I caught em on a spinnerbait" but I saw them beginning to change even then. At first they killed it and then they started bumping it. "By the end of the first day the spinnerbait bite was really dwindling" On 2nd day switched to the Strike King 1.5 square bill Chart/black back. "I'd drop my Power Pole and fan cast"
"I fished real methodically" Threw on 5:3.1 reel. "I had to reel the bait reel slow" "I caught a pile of em' today and I threw back multiple 20lb bags." "I knew I had figured out what I needed to do today."

"The guys that are really good are very perceptive"

Talks about his new Biosonix, but it's a different company.

I missed the first few guys do to power outage.

Yes he got a smattering of applause.

I wonder if the press will give him an ovation?

Now to press conference.

And it's over with a video

"I looked at the habitat an thought it had much of that bottom is just it was lights out...I had 24lbs at 10o'clock."

Time for Hook'd Up

The boat comes out for victory lap with Sherry and the kids and he goes on victory lap.

"The last few years have been really magical for's a team effort" thanks family.

"KVD slams the door on number 4, Rick Clunn is alone no more" Mercer

Clunn doesn't bring KVD the trophy, Trip does. Confetti shower.

Mercer goes from litany of KVD accomplishments.

Kevin Van Dam- Brings fish out one at a time. Looks like he's got 20+. Needs 17-6 scale reads 28-0. WOW that is 69-11 HE WINS BY 10lbs!!!

A-Mart- needs 23-7. Pulls out two kickers. 25-14 that is almost 5 less than Basstrakk. I wonder if they were rigging the basstrack today. I guess he just broke the weight record. "This has the potential to be the best fishery in the world... I want to thank the B.A.S.S. staff" Does a tribute to KVD. "It's exciting I'm leading it again" He has 59-0, so KVD needs 17-6.

Brent Chapman- Needs 18-8 gets 16-7 into 3rd. I am disappointed for Brent. "Today I just didn't catch the fish, any big one' water dropped 10 degrees" Mercer gives him the chance to talk about Tighlines UV,

Boyd Duckett up 3rd- Pulls out two hogs. 28-13 and into 3rd with 53-2. Big Bass is 8-15 which beats Remitz fish. "I got on these fish to late... I need one more day" Boyd says he had a back up boat, must be nice.

Palaniuk comes up 2nd- Brings out 2 kickers. 22-15 which puts him in 2nd with 55-7, Derek has 56-8, which I think breaks the Classic weight record. "I had an up and down day" Blows a fish whistle in Brian Kercherals(sp) honor, gets a standing O.

Derek Remitz up 1st- Pulls out the log donkey. 26-5 and into the lead. Kicker is 8-4. Earlier it was said to be a 10. "We all pretty much put the hurting on em' today...I couldn't even get the crankbait out of it's mouth I was shaking so bad...the only thing that hurt me was that first day."

KVD gets loudest cheers. Playing Who Dat Gonna Beat Dem Saints? The trophy is on the podium as well as the hot seat. Rook goes on Hot Seat.

Out with the lights...Having anglers come in from crowd Remitz 1st, Chapman 2nd, Palaniuk 3rd, Martens 4th, Duckett 5th, KVD last naturally.

Super 6 Hoopla starts with a video.

My streaming is starting to suck.

Time for Hook'd Up- Zona does a riff on what Louisiana has been through.

Scott Rook- Does not make the Super 6.

The Super 6 will be KVD, Martens, Remitz, Duckett, Palaniuk, Chapman.

Gary Klein- "Decisions and commitments and a lot of what if's" Yes he pumps Berkley Havoc.

Faircloth 18-3 takes the lead. 47-3total. "I got to fish longer today than the 1st two days combined...I don't think I could have competed with the guys that fished up here."

Skeet- He has special Skeet Under Armor shoes, they had a good shot of them. Yep Skeet mentions his Havoc bait the "Pit Boss". Skeet goes on a riff about how he loves the bite and "cracks their heads" Mercer also pimped Havoc baits.

Bobby Lane- Holds up a kicker. 18-2 takes over 1st. "I put my brand new Havoc Craw Patty(sp) on." Wonder if Klein mentions Havoc too?

Kevin Wirth- Thanks his family eloquently.

Cliff Pace- Only moves up to 2nd. Big tournament favorite has a disappointment. "The weather is what got me... I've traveled 750 miles by boat."

Federation Angler Dale Hightower- I think his bag was suppose to be bigger. "This has been a dream come true...I've been in the Federation for 4 years." I wonder if he fished tournaments before joining the Federation.

Paul Elias is on my fantasy team. Only 2 fish for 3-00. Not good!

Ohh oh, feed cut again. Got it back quick again.

Note- I am not blogging everyone.

Ohh oh, feed got cut. Got it back quick.

Ike- He is suppose to have a big bag.
18-9 into 1st but his bag on BassTrakk was suppose to be 20.
"All my fish were caught on a Havoc Bait" so how much was Berkley gonna pay these guys if they won on Havoc?

Dean Rojas- Pulls out a nice kicker. 18-5 Finally someone captures 1st Place today. "That big one came on the frog today...the whole limit was caught on Kermit"

Shaw Grigsby- "I ask that everyone out there take someone out fishing" Put in quite the plug for his sponsors.

Keith Combs- Holds up a kicker. Wow the live leaderboard is way ahead of the live stream. He caught 15 something.

Greg Vinson- Tells a story about the Lowrance radar helping him avoid a collision.

1st to weigh. Jeff Kriet He comes in holding a kicker. 15-15, not even enough to get into 1st or 2nd. "I took a nap and ate sandwich today" On the extended fishing time.

Berkley Havoc Cast for Cash ($100,000) Missed bad for the $100,000. Missed again for $25,000. They gave him $5000. It didn't look like he knew what he was doing with a baitcaster. He was casting backhanded.

Hmmm when the pre-game Hook'd Up was on it wasn't streaming well, but now that they have gone to Mercer, things are fine.

Well Basstrakk has this as a dead heat between A-Mart and KVD. Should be Good!!!

(posting most recent info on top)

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