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Friday, April 29, 2005

Getting Nowhere FAST!

But more of my suspending jerkbaits are tuned propery and suspending like they should.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

As long as I'm on tournament congratulations...

Berg/Block aka Jason Berg and Brian Block won the 1st Fishers of Men Minnesota West Division tournament April 23rd on the Mississippi Pools 4&5. There weight was a solid 5fish for 19.83lbs with Big Bass of 4.94lbs.

Story here

These guys were the 2004 Fishers of Men Minnesota West Champions and are a force in any tournament they enter. They are as good as anyone on Tonka. I just wish I had a picture.

Lots of Blogging to do starting with this...

Congratulations to Mark Davis, winner of this years first BASS E-50
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Here is the BassFan Story on the final day.

Here is the BassFan follow up on the Davis win.

Monday, April 25, 2005

All Fishing and No Blogging allows...

You too check out my archives, links on my blogrolls, and the other Bass Pundit Blog Franchise Empire Blogs.

It's supposed to be cool below normal temps this week instead of way above average temps and so I will probably be doing more blogging this week. Have to get the Bass Pundit Championship stuff updated, I've got pics of the Grumpy Old Men, lots of fishing reports and pics (Mucho Los Bullsheadittos)

By the way congrats to Mark Davis for winning yet another BASS E-50. That is an amazing 3 out of 5 Wins in E-50 events. WOW!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


It's hard to blog and fish at the same time. I'll have reports of the past couple of days soon. The weather has been VERY nice and the bullheads have been biting.
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Also the first BASS E-50 at Smith Lake started today, I hope people updated there Fantasy Teams or else this one will be brutal. Yes Yes I am behind on the Bass Pundit Championship yet again. I've been fishing!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Updated: Fishing Goals 2005

1. Catch 14inch or bigger
2. Find the Crappies this spring on Platte

1. Repeat as MN Bowfin Grand Champion
2. Catch a State Record Doggy (Current Record 10lb15oz 32"/15"- 31"/14.5")

1. Catch a 30inch fish.

1. Win or place in the money in Hillman Lions Platte Lake Pike Tournament (August)

1. Catch a 21plus inch or 7lb Largemouth
2. Catch a 21plus inch or 6lb Smallmouth
3. Catch 40 Bass@ or over 19inches or 4lbs.
4. Catch 50 Smallmouth.

Team Bass Trail:
1. Win 2 Tournaments (1@Horseshoe)
2. Win Big Bass 2 Times
3. Place in the Money 7 times
4. Never Finish below 10th place
5. Limit every tournament
6. Average over 2.25lbs per fish

New Lakes to Fish for Bass:
Lobster (Team Bass)
Sauk (Team Bass)
South Long

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Been Catchin

Find out what at the Bass Pundit Log Blog (hint as per usual keeping the pre-spawn bass off is proving as hard a challenge as getting the Platte/Sullivan slabs on.)

The goof trooper who owns Reaction Innovations won for his 2nd time at Beaver Lake by only 6oz over Dale Robertson, using the Sweet Beaver in part. Bass Center today had this "expose" piece on RI today and this dude, Andre Moore, is a dufus supreme just like Dudley and Charlie Moore. Yet more proof that being a very good angler is a viable achievement for screwballs.

I need to sleep cause it's supposed to be beautiful tomorrow and I want to eat some Crappies.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

One for Ripley's!

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Unbelievable, at today's FLW weigh in at the Wal-Mart Open at Beaver lake the Hackster came in with a 5 fish limit. But while waiting in line at the holding tanks one of his bass slipped out of the bag and Hack was unable to find it and so only weighed 4 fish. His combined 2 day weight is 18lbs5oz which is currently just a little over 2lbs out of the cut and with a 15" minimum his lost fish could easily be 3lbs. WOW!

Update: Turns out he forgot to put it in his bag and it was still in his live well. Ooops.

I got a Crappie!
Actually 2, full report at BP's Fishing Log Blog.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

All work No fish makes BP a dull boy.

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It was a busy day for getting the boat ready. But first things 1st went to Onamia for Dr. Appt at 9, but was late due to Lilah running off (dad found her about 1/2 hour after I left. On the way back I stopped at the GOMH but nothing was there. Headed back and got to work on the boat. Fiddled with seats, got carpet on the bow so now there is less chance of me slipping and falling in, but plexiglass in the bottom of the storage compartment, tried to fix primer hose, got gas, cut angle iron for transom saver, started motor (hurrah) in driveway, Ohh yeah when I went to get gas I went fishing at GOMH, had a couple of bass swipe but didn't catch anything; Did however have baitfish following not sure if they were little perch or something else. Crappies should be there soon. Anyway finally got the boat cleaned out and headed to Ginny's to launch instead of Rock. It was coming up on 7 so I decided to stick it in Platte. For some reason the boat really didn't want to come off the trailer but eventually did. Motor fired right up (Hallelujah!).
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Once I got the weeds off the prop it got up on plane. Went to house to get GPS and minnows and headed across lake. Water temp in our bay was 50, went to area by "the green house" unfortunately NE wind blowing in and temps were 48-49 with a couple of 50 readings. Lots of straw in that bay but no bites. I bet this bay will see a serious influx of Crappie and Sunnies this spring if the wind treats it right.

I then headed to Double Ditch but the temp there was 46, lots of straw left in here too. No bites. Went out to the Hole to troll a beetle spin but didn't see much and it was getting cold and dark. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, so I will hopefully get into em tomorrow
1st pick was after the Sunset looking west out of Double Ditch.

Quick Bites

It's beautiful out today and I'm really trying to get that boat ready to go out. Check out the Hawg I caught yestery at the BP Fishing Log Blog.

Please Lord let that motor start. Now off to lunch, gas, and getting a little hose.

FlW weigh in at 3PM. Get it Live here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

BP's Fishing Goals 2005

1. Catch 14inch or bigger
2. Find the Crappies this spring on Platte

1. Repeat as MN Bowfin Grand Champion
2. Catch a State Record Doggy (Current Record 10lb15oz 32"/15"- 31"/14.5")

1. Catch a 30inch fish.

1. Win or place in the money in Hillman Lions Platte Lake Pike Tournament (August)

1. Catch a 21plus inch or 7lb Largemouth
2. Catch a 21plus inch or 6lb Smallmouth
3. Catch 40 Bass@ or over 19inches or 4lbs.
4. Catch 50 Smallmouth.

Team Bass Trail:
1. Win 2 Tournaments (1@Horseshoe)
2. Win Big Bass 2 Times
3. Place in the Money 7 times
4. Never Finish below 10th place
5. Limit every tournament
6. Average over 2.25lbs per fish

Ice Fishing Review and Bullheads

Over at the BP Fishing Log Blog I've got an 04-05Ice Fishing Review and account of my first Bullheads of the year.
This was the first Jumpin Bullhead of the season and it hit on a twister sparkle beetle spin. It did a few headshakes and boils but no jumps.Posted by Hello
The Bullhead was 18.5"; Look at that Gregg, I wrapped it. I've still got to practice to get it down a bit better but it works. On to #2 on the list.

The Release:
I did not mention this cause to me it's self apparent, but might not be to others. All of the Jumpin Bullheads I have pictures of here or in the past are released back into the water to grow and be caught again. Currently Bass have a closed season in MN until May 28th and even if it were Open I wouldn't keep one unless it was a KIA.

I love to watch as my prize swims away, whether it is big or small. The Grumpy Old Men Hole is the perfect spot to watch a release, the water is skinny to start and clear enough to watch the fish swim off for several yards.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Bass Pundit News

Prayer Request:I just learned that my brother Todd has applied to be the MN Teen Challenge Dean of Men, so if you could pray for him and the organization while they are in the process I would appreciate that. My brother was a Youth Pastor for several years and just earned a Masters Degree from Bethel University and as you might already know my darling niece Isabelle is their daughter (Scroll down).

The Bass Hole (Ex-pat bass fisherman in Korea) Spring Fling.

Be sure to register those FLW Fishing Challenge Teams for Beaver Lake this week before Wednesday. The Pundit Picks Staff and Pro's Picks are up.

Have you heard of any Bass or fishing blogs?
If you have than tell me there URL's by leaving a comment. Or if you just wanna say hello Click on comments or write something in the guest book.

Thanks to Gregg over at My Bass and I I should have this website a little more streamlined in a few days.

Once again thanks to my brother and sister-in-law, Jeff and Erin Sutter-Maas I'll be fishing Team Bass Tournament Circut/Club this summer.

Also again this summer I will be volunteering to help with G.E.M. Camp. With the high gas prices the operational cost of getting to camp and running the boats will be higher than it's ever been, so if any Bass Pundit readers are feeling generous and want to make a monetary donation, a donation of quality usable tackle, or a donation of something else you think might be beneficial to a fishing Camp for Teens than email me at or Contact Camp Director Dave Lindmark by email or phone (952-882-1711).
Great Expectations Ministries is a 501(c)3 non profit organization; all donations and contributions to it are tax deductible.

In addition to helping with GEM Camps, I will be out with them for the annual Rush Lake Crappie/Panfish Outing on April 30th, this will be my 6th or 7th straight year. I also plan on helping with the GEM Minnesota Fishing Opener Trip to St. Louis River near Duluth. I went on that GEM outing last year and it was a ball, I even caught a limit of walleyes (of coarse the limit on the St. Louis is 2).

In other BP fishing news I will be attending the 2005 Fishers of Men Club(Twin Cities)/ Teen Challenge Spring out May 7-10 at Camp Wapogasset near Amery WI. I will be helping guide for some of the Teen Challenge program participants and staff. If the warm weather holds than the fishing should be phenomenal. MN Teen Challenge is another organization that the BP considers worthy of donations.

I've already mentioned and linked The Fishers of Men Club (Twin Cities). If you went or go to the link you will see that our meeting place has changed but not the night, first Thursday of the Month from 7-9PM. Also note that the webpage is a different URL.

The first MN open water reports are in and to keep tabs with MN fishing information go to Catch-N, FishingMinnesota, and LSF Bulletin Boards.

Be sure to check out what is up with the Fishers of Men Tournament Trail (MN & WI Divisions)

The MN Ice out range is moving up.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Rain and Thunder

April showers...
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...Bring May flowers and the water level on Platte UP! We could be heading for flooded conditions this spring which is fine with me, I did not care for the low water of last year. Before today's rain Platte was already higher than at any point last year, it's rained pretty good today, and rain is in the forcast this week.

Looks like I will not be getting the boat on the lake today. I had planned on trying to get the motor started and some other things done, but it's not happening today.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Look Patti Open Water

(As always Click Pic to enlarge-Tanks Mangmt)
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To the SE
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To the NW
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The view from the channel into Platte NW
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And there were no Grumpy Old Men Sightings.
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Sullivan is still pretty much Ice Covered, as is a good amount of Rock from what I can tell. There was still quite a bit of Ice the North ends of Platte in spots. I will call today the official Ice off date as that once it breaks up in this weather it won't last and it's possible to get from the public access to our place.

Hope to get the boat fired up today.

Fished at the Bridge last night for just a bit with a beetle spin and Cubby,minnow, bobber. Nadda! It's good to see the water level at the Bridge seems to be up almost a good foot from a week ago, the current is a rippin through there. Also the water level is higher than I remember it being all of last Spring, Summer, and Fall which is berry berry good IMO.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Saga of 3 Days with Cisco Pete

Ok, so I know it's been over for a couple of days but I haven't bothered to blog it. I got my open water crappie rods rigged last night and will be plying one of my super secret early season metro spots before tomorrow night Fishers of Men meeting. I still need to BP Fishing Log Blog. My time with Cisco Pete and my last couple of trips. I plan on doing that in the next couple of hours.

Anywhere go here for an update on the progression of ice out in MN

And Now The Saga of 3 Days with Cisco Pete
Pistol Pete arrived up here late on the 13th of March. I'd totally forgotten he was coming due to the parents getting home just a day earlier. Anyway, he got settled after some chatter and then we got to bed.

On Monday the 14th Pete and I got up around 5AM and were on the lake around 6 armed with minnows only. We got one half way descent crappie and then Don Weinmeister showed up and started fishing just North of us. Don had been getting the tullibee on waxies and we didn't have any so he borrowed us some. With the waxies we got some sunnies, perch, and Pete got his first tullibee (in Pic with Don visible in background).
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We fished until about 9 but it really slowed and so we headed in for lunch. We gave the tullibee and crappie to Don. I showed Pete my Blogs and he saw that I called him "Pistol" but he didn't like that nickname and thought he should be called "Cisco" Pete cause he out fished me (tullibee are also called ciscos). So "Cisco Pete" it is.

We took a short nap then headed to Brainerd around 2PM to go look at tackle. We went to the new Super Walmart, Mills, and Reeds. I don't think either of us bought anything. Anyway, on the way home Pete and I got in a little discussion about women pastors and the Bible; Pete being vehemently against and me taking the opposite position. Cyber-Thompson had warned me a long time ago about ever debating with Pete, especially on spiritual topics, but Pete had been getting on my nerves (imagine that) and so I stepped into the sink hole just wanting to see what would happen. Pete and I don't share the same views on some things but whether I want to hear about those things or not Pete is gonna talk.

Anyway, when I go into debate mode, I can be a bit flamboyant and loud and Pete did not care for that one bit and went on the lecture me about this, that, and the other about how my tone was "un-biblical" and "un-christian" yada yada yada. I really got Pete quite pissed off and frankly enjoyed doing it, because pushing his buttons was easy.  He got to the point to where he wanted me me to stop the car, so we could get out and fight. At that point I decided to shut up and Pete lectured me all the rest of the way home. By the time we got back it was dark. Mom prepared a good chicken supper for us, and we didn't bother going out fishing again.  We watched TV and Pete spent time on the internet and we talked a little bit as well.. As it turns out we forgot to get waxies for tomorrow..

3/15 Slow fishing, slow boil.
Got up earlier and Pete made eggs for breakfast, and before breakfast Pete was kind enough to apologize for losing his temper on the way home from Brainerd. We went out just a wee bit earlier than the day before with maybe 4 waxies left.  I got a very nice crappie right away and got a few sunnies and perch but the tullibee just would not bite even though we would see them on the electronics. At 6:30 I headed to Bear Trax to get waxies. It was slow, Pete spent a bunch of time talking with Don, who came out again. We headed back in for a nap around 10.

We got up around 4PM and headed out to try for crappies at "the hole." Managed a couple small ones but it was really slow. Pete had to run back to the house, and I got like 8 and I think a couple of keepers in the 1/2 hour or so he was gone. It was slow so we headed for Sullivan, as that I had some spots I wanted to try. Instead of letting me guide Pete took charge and so we ended up fishing where I did not want to go. Pete is OCD about setting up a hole for fishing, which doesn't lend itself very well to a quick search to find fish. Anyway, we spent our time pretty much in the same area and only got 1 or 2 little Crips. I was not happy about not moving quicker and not getting to the area's I wanted to try. Ole "Cisco" was wearing on me pretty good by now.

3/16 A Day Too Far
Got up early again and I was in a foul mood. When I'm in a foul mood, I can be pretty snippy. Pete of coarse was Pete all through breakfast. Headed over to Sullivan around 6AM and the fishing started out fairly slow.  After getting set up my heater quickly ran out of juice, as if my attitude wasn't bad enough. Then as I was reaching foreword to do something Pete asked me to "turn up" the gain on the Vex. It was already way up and I was thinking to myself "why in the world is he asking me to do that" so I ignored him. After a couple of seconds Pete told me to do it again. Pete is a person that just will not be ignored if he wants something and so I turned the gain up just a nudge and sat back down. After a couple more seconds Pete then asks me to turn the gain down a little, after I had only just turned it up a little after being asked to turn it up.

The Fish Trap Cage Match of 2005:I snapped back at him frustrated, "you just asked me to turn up and I did, now you want me to turn it down." Pete then snapped back at me about how my problem is that I don't listen or am hard of hearing and he never said for me to turn it up in the 1st place; even though that is exactly what he told me to do twice. I was fuming, but Pete said this is stupid and I'm not gonna make a big deal out of it just after lecturing me on how I am hard of hearing or how don't listen and I was all wrong. I was quite sure if anything he misspoke twice because the first time I ignored him intentionally after looking at the dial and because he then asked the exact same thing a second time when I begrudgingly did as he asked. Because of my confidence in what I heard I wasn't gonna let Pete get the last word in this time and so I was adamant that it was not my hearing that was bad, but that he misspoke and now was unwilling to admit it.

At this point instead of letting it go like he said he was going to and letting me get the last word in. Pete laid into me much harder than before about anything he could think of. That was it, I flung the Trap open and yelled at him to get out and go sit in the car cause I didn't wanna here it. He was like "OK, drive me home and I'll leave" and I was like "heck no! you either sit in the car shut up or walk back cause and I'm gonna fish." And so Pete was like "no way, than I'm gonna fish to."  Don who was fishing just to the North of us must have thought we were crazy.

So I closed the trap down and Pete was like lets talk about this calmly and I agreed and went on to try and tell Pete as calmly as possible what an absolutely annoying personality he had. Meanwhile Pete tried to as calmly as possible tell me about every fault that I have that he could come up with. To which my standard retort became, for him to look in the mirror. Anyway during this bickering back and forth I started calming down because I had the satisfaction of knowing on the substance I had the better of it.

The only bad part about it was during this time Pete whacked a tullibee or two.  Then I had to listen yet again about how the color and action of his lure was why he was catching them and why I was getting skunked. But low and behold, I caught myself one. We gave the tullibee to Don and took these pics before he left.
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3 of those fish were from us the rest were for "Santa" as Cisco nicknamed Don. Ole Cisco thought Don was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
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They bloody themselves real easy from hoping on the ice.

Who's this ugly dude?

When Don left I headed to Bear Trax and get my propane tank refilled. By the time I got back Pete landed another, maybe even two. I then proceeded to lay the smackdown on the last 4 or so we got, including one that fought like a sun of a gun. Pete kind of freaked out thinking that one was extra huge. I also had one come unhooked in the hole, Pete said, "grab it." I said, "I don't care if it goes back down, I'm not gonna grab it."; forget about getting my arm all wet. Anyway this tullibee started going down the hole tail first but then it did a quick tail burst and popped right up into my "trough" right where I could grab it. Here's Pics of the later fish:
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Anyways, we stayed until about Noon and the fish bit in the overcast conditions. We packed up to discover the Explorer was outta juice, so dad had to come and give us a jump.

We got back had a pizza and Pete left, just barely because his car broke down just before Little Falls.  I felt like I needed therapy, which I later got by talking with CyberThompson.

Anyway that is the tale of Cisco Pete!
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This and the rest of my "Last Ice Adventures" are over at the BP Fishing Log Blog.

Monday, April 04, 2005

A Great Day for 2 Great Bass Fisherman

The regular BASS tour wrapped up yesterday and two good one's know for finishing in 2nd grabbed the prize.

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This is Aaron Martens 2005 Citgo Bassmaster Angler of the Year. He had to finish 4th place or better the last day at Table Rock and came in 2nd to win what the BP considers as the best kind of award to win on any trail.

And Congrats to the Hackster who won at Table Rock
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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pundit Activism

Fishing regulation changes open for comment (03/29/2005)

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is inviting public comments and suggestions for recreational and commercial fishing regulations currently under consideration for change.

Public comments will be considered for inclusion in a package of rules that will be drafted after the July 18 deadline. The final rules package will be made available for public review and comment through the State Register.

"This marks the start of the process we use to clarify and change specific portions of our fishing regulations," said Linda Erickson-Eastwood, DNR fisheries program manager. "We will take into account any suggestion the public may have on rules that are open for consideration."

A complete listing of the proposed changes under consideration can be found in the March 14 edition of the State Register

Among the changes to be considered are:

- add and clarify conditions for fishing contest operations and permits, including off-site weigh-ins, disposal of fish, and live release tournaments

- open Taylor and Townline (Loon) lakes in Aitkin County and Blue Lake in Hubbard County to winter trout fishing...

Comments may be submitted through July 18 in writing to:
by sending an e-mail from the DNR's online regulation page
by calling (651) 296-3325 or toll free 1-888-MINNDNR (646-6367)

The BP askes that you take a 2nd and email the DNR to open those lakes up. The two in Aitkin are close enough for me to fish.

Also tack a note on about how this MN fishing regulation needs to be re-written so it can be enforced in an objective fashion
"You may not intentionally fish for any species
during it's closed season."

In addition, ask that Largemouth Bass be openned to catch and release fishing during it's closed season.

Friday, April 01, 2005


The ice is getting thin...
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You can't see it in the pic, but there is a bit of open water where the shoreline bends into a little bay on the right. That is always the first spot to go.

The boat is out of storage...
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...but will it start? I've already discovered one minor issue that needs fixed.

My guess for Ice out on Platte is Sunday the 10th which is 2 days later than last year.

Man I gotta get that Cisco Pete blogging done, plus BASS is at Table Rock where "The Posse" had the bad kind of Day 2 Massacre, literally hundreds of points lost. And to make matter worse, Z-Pundits guys all seemed to improve after a poor Day 1.

Illini Blogger Brad over at Bassin Blog has been getting out lately and has pics. Scumbag!