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Sunday, December 09, 2018

I Didn't Suck Tonight, But Fishing Wasn't That Good Again

A Few Fish At Bulldog

9" VMC Fly/Maggot
4:30-7:00PM Bulldog Lake
27-22℉, Clear, Calm

When I got out there, three guys were fishing in the area I wanted to be. They packed up at about 4:40, so I moved over. I didn't get the first couple of marks to move through.  Not a whole lot of fish marked tonight.  Only 1 took the minnow and I missed it.  I ended up with 8 crappies caught half of which were 5-inchers.  I had an 11-incher come off in the hole.  I threw all the fish back tonight.

8 Crappies

Saturday, December 08, 2018

I Pretty Much Suck!

Late Bulldog Trip

7" Glow Demon/Minnow
My new rechargeable light $14 on eBay
7:45-10:00PM Bulldog Lake
17-15℉, Clear, Calm

I decided to go out fishing tonight because there was no wind.  I forgot maggies and wax worms, Doh!  I drilled holes in the general area I was last time.  Nobody else was out and I didn't see any other houses.  The light I bought on eBay lights up the interior really well. There were fish down there, but funky.  I tried minnow heads unsuccessfully for the most part.  I got two bites on a minnow catching one.  And at the very end of the night, I got a 7-incher on the Glow Demon Spoon with a minnow head and Power Wax Worm.  I really suck at ice fishing this year.

2 Crip 

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

My Opinion, Zim Is The Man For The Foreseeable Future

I swear some Vikings fans are out of their minds.  Sure the teams' play has been all over the place this year and the teams' performance at Foxboro was a disappointment, but calling for Zimmer's head, really. C'mon Man!  Zim is a very good head coach and a defensive wizard.  It's not Zim's fault Rhodes and Waynes were injured in the game.  The lack of offensive production versus the Pats is all on Flip, Cousins, and Belichick who is also a defensive wizard.  Winning in Foxboro in December is a tough draw.  I expected the Vikes to play a bit better, but I didn't think they played as badly as the final score and stats indicated.  We weren't very far off from giving the Pat's a scare.  

I think Seattle is a much more beatable team.  I'm sure Zim wants some revenge against the Seachickens.  Cousin's gets another primetime opportunity to prove the critics wrong and the whole offensive unit has something to prove. 

A final word on Zim.  His record versus the Packers the last 7 times we have played says it all: