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Friday, February 04, 2011

FLW Day 2: Okeechobee Still On Fire

Former FLW CEO Charlie Evans has a new career with FLW. Co-Angler. I was quite surprised to see old Charlie himself today on the live stream, missed him yesterday. He ended up in 47th Place and got a $1000 check.

Better: The lone woman Pro Kat Dysart got a bit of redemption today bringing in 4 fish for 14-04. If I heard her correct on the live stream she actually had a limit, but lost #5 while bagging her fish. There was at least 1 other angler today that said they lost a fish while bagging it. Always a good idea to not be careless with your fish.

The MN Boys: This one was forgettable
The M&M Man Jim Moynagh was consistent and caught 15lbs and change a day, that got him 101st.
The Wolverine Derrick Remitz was a little below Moynagh at 108th. He said the shallow Okeechobee water doesn't play to his strengths.
Chad Grigsby wasn't much better in 96th

8 Anglers are on pace to hit the Century Mark with another 4 being very close to that pace.

5 Bags over 30lbs today, I think there were less 20lb bags caught today but I think the really big bags were heavier today.

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