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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fantasy Fishing Insider Podcast Bassmaster Classic Special

Fantasy Fishing Insider <--listen here

Show description:
In this Bassmaster Classic Special, Elite Series angler Edwin Evers give "Fantasy Fishing Insider" host Greg Huff the scoop that despite miserably cold conditions in the first days of official practice, the weather and water temperatures will be "perfect," and don't be surprised to see big sacks on the weigh-in stage. "We couldn't have hit it any better," the Oklahoma pro said. "It's going to be absolutely perfect. We've got a full moon. We've got a week of warming temperatures. It's going to be unreal." He also confides what was going through his mind when he got stuck in in the mud in a Louisiana Delta slough and worried he might have to stay the night in his boat with temperatures expected to fall into the 30s overnight. He also briefly interrupts the interview -- conducted via cell phone from New Orleans-area mall -- to help fellow Bassmaster tour pro Brian Snowden pick out a anniversary/Valentines Day gift for Snowden's wife! A sample: "Is that what she said she wanted? ... I don't know, I think they're pretty. ..." Also in this episode, we replay a portion of an interview last fall with Bassmaster Rookie of the Year Runner-up Cliff Crochet, of Pierre Part, Louisiana. Crochet discusses how the New Orleans area and the Louisiana Delta have bounced back from multiple hurricanes and the BP oil spill. In segment 3, Greg talks to Rapala Pro-Staffer and product tester Mark Fisher about the Masters Bass Circuit, a new regional bass-fishing tour sponsored by Cabelas and North American Fishing Club. (Recorded Tuesday, Feb. 15)


Jeremy Thornton said...

Hey BP,
You dont happen to know the TV schedule for the classic do you? I didn't see coverage listed at all in the comcast TV guide.

Jeremy Thornton said...

Buzz kill, I found the info. The TV coverage isn't until the following weekend. Huge bummer.

Basspastor said...

I'm hoping steps up big.