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Thursday, February 03, 2011


Mental Fishing with Charles Plott is a blog at Advanced by Sports Psychologist Charles Plott. He blogged a 3 Part series on preparation for a big event/tournament.

This last installment is Step Three: Getting in Character and Staying in Character.

The jist of what he says is that you need to find an on the water persona that you can step into and role play while you fish. Go read the whole thing, I think it is a bit goofy.

Sure you need to be able to be able to train your focus and up your intensity level some when you fish a tournament. I am not sure coming up with a make believe character and then playing that role is the best way to do that. Why not just say strive to be the cleanest fishing, clearest thinking, most efficient fisherman you can be. I think that makes a whole lot more sense than trying to force yourself to be somebody your really not.

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