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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bassmaster Classic Day 3 Press Conference Top 5 Liveblogged

5 less bass then yesterday with the shorter time.

"If we have to cancel a day we are fishing Monday" Bombshell!!!

Trip Weldon is up.

KVD "It's not like you catch 3 in a row, it's not that kind of deal."

Chapman "If I could take my time and fish everything, I expect better things will happen"

KVD "There was nobody out there fishing with us today" (liar see below)

KVD "I've never seen fans better in the Classic"

KVD "There is always patterns within patterns and little things to tip you off."

KVD "I tried the Federation, it was way to hard, so I joined the Pro Tour"

Palaniuk "Federation has the ability to build a good angler"

Chapman encourages spectators to go watch the other boys.

Oops battery on laptop went out, had to get it plugged in.

KVD "You can catch a 30lb bag there pretty easy. I never got a big bite there yesterday and today I got two...It was a grind"

KVD "Trip says he's going to cancel"

Press Conference starting.

Chapman saying fish were biting better when it was cold- off-mike.

Martens and Palaniuk talking about other non-tourny boats catching fish off-mike.

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