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Monday, February 14, 2011

Really db?

I may be the only one, but I have found bass fishing writer Don Barone to be unreadable at times, hence I don't go out of my way to read his stuff very often. Yesterday he wrote a note on Facebook which I chose to read and I got to read this:

Opus #4: B.A.S.S. & Wired2FishYou athletes with a bench, rest up, you athletes who play by quarters, innings, pit stops, half times, commercial breaks, I'm going to put your athletic behind on a bobbing surfboard with seats, called loosely a boat, Bass Boat, and I'm going to yell go and for the next 8 hours you are going to play your sport and NEVER stop, never get a time out, never sit, NEVER LEAVE THE FIELD.

I'm going to make you pitch every 15 seconds for 8 hours, non-stop. Make you shoot threes every 15 seconds for 8 hours, make you serve every 15 seconds for 8 hours, make you run, pass and catch ever 15 seconds for 8 hours.

And if you make it through that, I'm going to make you do it again the NEXT DAY. And the NEXT DAY. And the NEXT DAY. And the NEXT DAY. Think you can win that…rock on.


Last time I looked a tournament bass fisherman can sit down and take a time out to assess things, rest, change lures, run to a new spot or eat anytime they want. Heck, sack em up early and you can be like Tim Horton and go to the dock to order Pizza delivery. If you are catching fish, especially lots of them as is sometimes the case, every second of a bass tournament is not some kind of bottled intensity. Yes bass fishing does have intensity and it's day runs longer than your typical sport, but it can have a lot of monotony to it when you are not around fish or the fish are turned off. Chuck wind repeat, pitch wind repeat, flip pick up repeat. Tournament Bass Fishing is far from being some kind of super wonder sport. It's the art and science of catching those green fish as efficiently as possible, that's all. I guess hyperbole just isn't my thing this morning.

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Brian said...

LOL - You're not alone. He writes some great stuff about some great people, but I hate the format and struggle through it at times. That said, we might be the only two :)