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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bassmaster Classic Day 3 Weigh In Liveblogging

Top 6
Brandon Palaniuk

That's 5 guys in the same area.

Hook'd Up with Zona Sanders and KVD- Someone shouts "Cookie Monster"
"Everybody has to pick an area and gamble on it"
Says the wind will blow tomorrow and he wants it calm.

3lb 10oz lead going into day 3.

"It was pretty awesome at the end of the day"

Shows 2 kickers!!! 22-8 WOW!!! This is why he IS THE BEST! 41-11
KVD last to weigh in!

Tharp- "I didn't account for as many boats as there were in my area today."

Ike- moves into 16th will make the cut. Says he is in right area but can't get the big fish then pimps his Berkley Havoc baits. Is that wise?

Evers- Stayed close only got 3 for 6-7.

Biffle- Only has 4. 12-13. Sure could have used one 6lber. Will make the cut.

Bobby Lane- 10-11 puts him in 9th for now. Will need huge bag tomorrow.

Swindle has firefighter Kevin who has cancer. Swindle is choked up and can't talk. Swindle thanks McKinnis and Trip "this means more than winning the tournament"

Kelly Jordan- Came in a minute late. Had 11 bites in 17 minutes at the end of his day.

Tracy Adams- Skunk! "I made some bad decisions" I guess.

Big Show Terry Scroggins- Had 35 bites???

Faircloth- Makes the cut.

John Crews Missle- 11 something. I thought Basstrakk had him with 20. Yep Mercer confirms that.

Rojas- Has a kicker. "Fog shmog nothin is stoppin' me from catching the hawg"Mercer 20-3 moves to 12th. Only running 20 minutes.

Paul Elias- On my fantasy team. 11-6 at least he's in the cut. Thankful everyone has been able to make the runs and get back.

Mike McClelland- 9 keepers in 37 minutes. Took out a lower unit and got stuck, amazing he got anything.

Fed Angler Dale Hightower- 11-5. Makes the cut but he's out of it. Lost a key fish. Sounds like he is running. Said he regretted it.

Skeet- 13-10. Will make the cut, but an extreme longshot at this point. Caught 35 fish. Pimps radar

Goes to Hook'd Up- They have video of anglers fishing Chapman and Pace.

A-Mart- 12-11. Another huge disappointment. 5lbs beneath Chapman. Had 20 bites. Thinks he should have fished to a treble hook bait.

Scott Rook- 12-5. That has to be a huge disappointment. Caught more fish than yesterday, just couldn't get the big fish.

Derek Remitz- Doesn't show a kicker. Huh! 17-4. Show's off two big fish. Doesn't want fog as he got his big one's early.

Morizo Shimizu- Has a really cool wrap on his boat. Mercer has Morizo speak in Japanese and lip sync's it like a foreign movie.

Cliff Pace- On my fantasy team. Doesn't show a kicker. 11-10. He will make the cut most likely, but he's done. Got to fish for 52 minutes.

Fed Champ Brandon Palaniuk with 17-14. He is sharing the water with KVD, Rook, Martens, and Remitz.

Clark Rheem- Came in late trying to catch a big fish that he could see.

Hack- On my fantasy team unfortunately. Has 10 something, won't make the cut.

Shaw Grigsby- He'll make the cut. "I made a big mistake" tells story about how his boat got him in so fast he had another 5 minutes to fish. Mercer mocks him.

Boyd Duckett- "I fished were some big fish lived, but I didn't know how to catch em'"

Russ Lane- "Russ Lane bringin' the pain" Mercer His kicker was 7-12.

Wolak said he only had 45 minutes to fish, was fishing right by Cliff Pace.

Terry Butcher- He's on my fantasy team. Just 9-8, don't know if he gets the cut. He used radar. Mercer suggests he sell the radar to Chapman, Nice!

Brent Chapman- Pulls out a nice fish. Fished for hour and 10 minutes. 20-1 he beat the Basstrakk. "I love it when my scales wrong" Klein with radar allowed Chapman to follow him.

Gary Klein- He holds up a nice fish. 17-0 Plugs Lowrance radar. Fished for 42 minutes.

1st to weigh Mark Davis "fishing was phenomenal today" he caught 13+, left em biting.

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