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Monday, May 13, 2013

Walleye Opener- My 2nd Mille Lacs Trip

I let it get too late on me on Sunday morning.  The temps were at or below freezing and so I decided not to go figuring my guides would be icing up.

I headed out just before midnight and was fishing by 12:30AM.  I decided to throw the crawdad colored Berkley Frenzy Minnow instead of the rainbow trout one I threw on Sat.
I had gotten a tip to fish South of where I had been the night before, so I gave it a try.  I had a hit on my very first cast.  A few casts later I got hung up. I thought maybe I could wade out to the spot and took my jacket off.  The water dropped off to much and I couldn't get anywhere near it..  I moved quite a bit South and tried to pull it free.  Then I moved quite a bit North and thankfully it came out.  Turns out it was caught in an old reed stalk.  I resumed fishing at about 10 to 1AM and was hooked up immediately with this 23" fish.
About 15 Minutes later I was hooked up again.  With this 25 incher.

About 15 minutes after getting it released I got this 22.5 incher.
Things were going pretty well.  But then I missed a bite or two and things had slowed down.  I went in to change baits.  When I looked out on the water it kind of looked like some fog was forming.  Then I realized it wasn't fog but ice coming in.
 So basically my spot was wrecked.  I went and checked Cemetery Jetty and I could have fished there but I didn't see any fish.  Note to self- Bring a high powered flash light next time.

Next I went to Eddy's and it was fishable there.  I went quite a way South but I didn't see any thing.  I also fished off the middle Jetty. Nothing.  I called it quits a bit after 4AM.

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