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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Ice Out Still A Couple of Days Away

Platte Lake is looking better. Click to enlarge all pictures.
The view beyond Channel Inn Point

My normal view into Platte

View from the Platte Lake Public Access
I'm guessing the Platte Lake is ice free on Tuesday, but it could be as late as Thurs..

Here is the view from the GOMH into Sullivan.
The PRO is now totally free of ice except for maybe part of the South shoreline.  I'm guessing Sullivan is ice free by Saturday for Opener.

There were 6 people fishing when I got there and all of them weren't catching anything.  I decided to run around and check Bulldog, Rock, and Platte along North Platte Lake Drive.  

Here is the view of the Rock Lake Public Access.
 I would say Rock is at least 3 days away, same at Bulldog.

I got back to the GOMH at about 7:45PM.  Only the guy on the SW side was still left.  He left around 8:10 so I took up the SW side.  While I was fishing somebody showed up and started fishing the NE side.  Then C.O. Kuske showed up.  He talked to me for a couple of minutes then went to the other people.  Turns out one of them didn't have a license so he got pinched.  I stayed until I pretty much couldn't see.  Got skunked.

I'm pretty sure fish are gonna show up in the next couple of days with temps near 70°.

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