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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

1st Silver Bullhead of the Year

I got my first Silver Bullhead of the year tonight.  Only one though.  Got it on a Red/White 1/64th T.H.E. Jig with a minnow..

I actually fished twice today.  Once from 4-6PM and then from 7:45 to 9:20PM.  On the 4-6PM trip I bought minnows and got a jumpin bullhead right away.  A kid showed up and I went to the truck to get out the hoe I brought to clear away the weeds that were up against shore.  The weeds were a hazard  to get a fish through on 4lb test.  I got a couple more jumpers, including one that actually tail walked a little bit.  Here is my biggest one of the day.
I'd say 17+"
I caught one more and the kid asked if he could borrow a minnow.  He then got a jumper as well.  I think I got a couple more.  Then it got quiet and I left for dinner.  The kid left as well.

After dinner I came down with dad.  I got a jumper right away.  I ended up getting 4 jumpers and the 1 silver  all on T.H.E. Jig and a minnow.  Dad had a couple of bites but didn't hook anything on a pink Cubby and minnow.  The kid showed up.  I don't think he caught anything.  I stayed until it got pretty dark, but the SB's were either not hitting or not quite in yet.

Ice Out Report: I think I'm gonna call Ice Out for 2013 on Platte Lake tomorrow.  It was open beyond the public access.  Some guy even had his boat out.  I'll check the area lakes tomorrow.

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