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Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Bass Opener Day 1

I decided to start this year fishing from shore at the GOMH but I brought my boat just in case fishing wasn't that great.  There was somebody already on the South side when I got there at 5AM, which was fine with me.  I took the NE side fishing by the bridge.  I started out throwing Berkley Frenzy Popper but didn't have any hits on that.  This was my first fish.
A fat 16 inch jumpin bullhead on a Craw Tube.  I proceeded to get a couple more and a toothy, before another group arrived and I chose to go to the juice so they wouldn't stumble on to it.  Once again I tried topwater but that wasn't happening.  Turns out the juice had been invaded  by toothy bullheads;  I got 3 of those along with a few jumpers no bigger than the first fish I got.  I used Craw Tubes, Grass Pigs, and a Spro Aruku Shad.  It was now 6:30AM and I had 10 jumpin bullheads and 4 toothy bullheads when I made the call to bail.  I decided to check out the Platte Lake Access and seeing as there were only 2 cars at the ramp and nobody to wait for I put in there.  I decided to hit the tip of the Platte Lake Access peninsula point first.  The wind was blowing in on it pretty good and  I quickly got on the board with this 15 incher.
I got a couple on that Pure Poison, a couple on the Grass Pig, and a couple on a Craw Tube including one that was just shy of 17 inches.  That was all I could get off the point. I then proceeded to drift into Channel Inn Bay.  I got a nice pike on a Gambler Ninja Spin and then I got into a little school of bass that I caught on the Ninja Spin and the Grass Pig.  By 9AM my upper back was giving me issues.  I toughed it out for a couple more hours.  I added 4 pike and 24 bass to my morning total.

Bass: 34
Pike: 8

Rock Lake:
I didn't get on Rock until a little after 7:30PM.  I started in RPRO where I got my pike two days ago and I got 3 pike to start with on the Gambler Ninja Spin.  I got my first bass on a Zoom Horny Toad.  I started throwing my firetiger Stanley Phantom and started catching bass on that including this almost 17 inch beauty.
I also got some on a Grass Pig and one nice fish on a Craw Tube, that was also just shy of 17 inches. I called it a night right around 9PM

Bass: 16
Pike: 3

Bass: 50
Pike: 11

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