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Monday, May 06, 2013

1st Bullhead of the Year

Tonight I got down to the GOMH around 7:30PM and no one was there fishing.  Although there was some young guy sitting in his car on the SW side.  I took up the SW side.  I had been fishing for about 10 minutes when I made a good cast off to my right.  The bobber started moving towards the current flow so I set the hook.  It got me tangled in all the junk up by shore, but I managed to get it in.  I'm gonna bring a rake down tomorrow to get that crap out of there.  Yep, it was my first ever jumpin bullhead on T.H.E. Jig and my first bullhead of the year.  The young guy locked the keys in his trunk and had to wait for his mom to show up with his tools so he could get into his trunk.   He said he's gonna go to Walmart tomorrow and get a spare made.  I caught another jumpin bullhead, this time on a white D&M Baits Piranha Swim Jig.  John W. showed up and said he thought it would be a couple of days before the silver bullheads showed up.  I'm guessing that there will be some tomorrow.  I stayed until about 9:30PM

Before I went to the GOMH I went and checked at Rock and it really didn't look any different than yesterday night.  Same thing at the Platte Lake access.  Platte had a bit more open water in some places but not nearly as much as I thought there would be.  I'm guessing ice goes off on Thursday now.

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Team MiRketti said...

Congrats on the Jumpin Bullhead!