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Friday, May 10, 2013

2 Slabber Bullheads & More Bullheads

 Tonight I got to the GOMH just before 5PM.  I was lucky that blog reader Mike B. was fishing down on the SE side and he called me over.  The bulheads were really going when I got there and apparently had been for a couple of hours.  I immediately started missing and sticking a few silver bullheads on a chartruese head with red and yellow T.H.E. Jig with a minnow on the Cubby Rod.  I got several on that, then I switched rods to the white head with red/white T.H.E. Jig. I started just slamming the silver bullheads.  I got my first Slabber Bullhead on that.  I caught more silver bullheads, a couple of jumpin bullheads, and I had a toothy bullhead up on the rocks when it broke my line and made it's way back into the lake.  That was my only one in that color.  I put on a white head with white and black feather T.H.E. Jig.  Things got considerably slower.  John W. showed up with his daughter and a little while after that Grumpy Old Man Bud showed up and started fishing.  Mike B. left.  I switched back to the Cubby Rod and got an occasional bullhead on that; One of which is the Slabber Bullhead on the right.  Lantern Man's son showed up and eventually John's daughter talked him in to going.  It seemed that the SW side had more action now.   I left around 9:15PM after Lantern Man showed up.
Click to Enlarge and See the Loon
I did stop at Rock and the Rock Dock was in.  I would imagine all area lakes with Docks have them in.

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