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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Tonight at the GOMH


Tonight I fished from 4 to 6PM and from 8:30 to 9:50PM.

During the early trip I got 1 jumpin bullhead and a couple of bites that I missed.  It was raining out so lightly for a while I was in my T-shirt.  I went to the SE side and pulled some of the weeds up on the rocks.  I didn't get very much East of the steps where there is a ton of weeds.  That kid from last night, who I found out's name is Peter showed up with minnows.  He didn't get anything.  I did try the NE side for a little while and didn't get anything.  A guy showed up and fished for a bit off the bridge on both the N and S sides.  They all left around 5:30 and I left at 6PM to go check the lakes and have dinner.

During the late trip it was raining more heavily.   I missed a fish, presumably a silver bullhead, right away.  At about 8:45PM I got another hit and landed the 10.5" in the picture.  At about 9:20PM I got a hit with the lighted bobber and landed a 9.5 incher.  I got both fish on T.H.E. Jig red and yellow with a chartreuse head and a minnow.

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