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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Great Morning, Good Night at the GOMH

This morning I got to the GOMH around 5:30AM.  I set up on the SW side.  It was a little slow at first, but then I changed to the Grass Pig I got the fish on last night and my first fish was this toothy bullhead.
After getting a couple of jumpin bullheads the Grass Pig was trashed, so I went to the car and got a white Gambler EZ Swimbait.  On like my second cast I got this Golden Bullhead.
A couple of casts later I got a nice jumpin bullhead.  Then a couple of casts later I got another toothy bullhead.  I remarked to the guy fishing on the SE side that I didn't know what I was gonna catch.
I got a couple of 4lb plus jumpin bullheads.
 This fish was a bit on the skinny side.
This fish was quite a bit more chunky and I'm sure weighed more.  I missed one more that I think was in that size class.

Eventually I went through the three Gambler EZ's I had and I switched up to a Yum Money Minnow in hitch color.  I got a couple of jumpin bullheads on that and 4 or 5 toothy bullheads.  I ended up with 16 jumpin bullheads, 9 toothy bullheads, and 1 golden bullhead.  Not a bad morning.  I quit at 8AM after the action slowed.

Note:  After catching each pike I washed my hands with a bar of Captain Knoll's Fisherman's Hand and Body Soap. I was quite impressed with it's ability to get the pike slime off of my hands and leave them smelling like anise.  The bar has a bit of grittiness to it  It's a great product and I'm guessing the bar is going to last a long time.  As I didn't even put a dent in it.  I recommend you go to their website and check it out.

In the evening I went back to the GOMH with Dad.  The place was full of people and they were catching a few bullheads but nothing spectacular.  Joe and Chris from the Bass Snatchers were fishing on the NW side. Dad and I set up on the bridge and I got a couple of jumpin bullheads and I missed a few hits as well.  We only had 2 minnows left and 1 was a stickleback, but Dad managed to get a small silver bullhead on T.H.E. Jig..
As it got later the bite picked up and I managed to get this golden bullhead.
It was about the same size as the one I got last night.  A guy fishing on the NE side got 3 golden bullheads then he let me take the spot.  I got a couple of hits but couldn't keep them hooked up.  I decided that throwing a rap would work better and I went to the car to get one.  I should have called Dad over to come and fish, because right as I was getting back two guys cut me off and went right in the spot I was fishing.  Oops.  I managed to get one more jumpin bullhead on the South side and missed a couple of more hits on the Money Minnow.  We left at 10PM

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