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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trophy's 1st Run of the Year

I had planned to get stuff organized today, but that didn't happen because I took an overlong nap not getting up until 4:30PM.  I didn't get the Trophy to the lake until 7PM.  It ran just fine, but I didn't have GPS with to check my top speed and also I didn't have the Garmin to tell me the lake temp.
I started out on the North side by the little inlet.  I got that pike there and saw a dogfish, but I spooked it when I cast for it.  I then went into the RPRO and got this pike.
I got down by the Beaver Dam and discovered the bog that had set up here last year.
Had moved into the mouth of the river blocking it off just past the beaver dam.
I did get this 17"+ largie in that general area.
I think that's the moon off my elbow.

Here is the moon on my way out of the RPRO.

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