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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bass Opener Day 2

I didn't get on the water on Sullivan Lake until a bit after 2PM then I spent an hour and a half trying to figure out my motor issues.  I ended up calling Dad and he brought out a new fuel line for me.  While I was waiting for him to show up I fished a single dock and picked up my first Derby fish of the year on a huckleberry Christopherson's Craw Tube.
The picture doesn't show it well but it was a fat fish, obviously still had eggs in her.  Once dad got the new fuel line to me I was off to the North Shore of the Platte River Outlet.  I started hitting bass right away on my Gambler Ninja Spin.  I put down the poor man's power pole and proceeded to get this walleye on the Grass Pig.
I proceeded to work the flat getting largies and pike on the Grass Pig, a Terminator Spinnerbait, the Ninja Spin, and Craw Tube.  Once again the biggest fish came on the Craw Tube at almost 16 inches.  My plan was to be off the water at 6PM then go to the GOMH to try some topwater action on "the juice".  Thanks to there being a boat at the Platte River Mouth that's what happened.

I got to the GOMH a bit after 7PM and there was a guy and a girl fishing on "the juice".  I managed to get two jumpin bullhead with a Stanley Phantom just to the East of the juice then the girl left allowing me to get straight on to it.  I proceeded to land a few and miss a few on the Phantom.  I got a toothy on the Grass pig and two fat 15"+ ers on a Lucky Craft Kelly J.  I was out of there by 9PM.

Total Fish for the Day-
Bass: 23
Pike: 3
Walleye: 1

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