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Monday, February 13, 2006

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Daily Pro Site-ING
Posted by PicasaThe loveable California FLW Pro Art Berry

They're calling KJ King Kong Kelly Jordan find out why.

The Posse with a mediocre start to the 2006 Fantasy Bass Fishing Season. Details

Posted by PicasaCool Runnings is all I've got's to say. Yeah if I had a zillion dollars or was a pro angler.

BASS/ESPN Fantasy Bass Fishing registration. The Classic is coming soon.

Damn Gill Nets

Gill nets are one of my pet peeves because they're prevalent in almost every body of water over here and they're decimating the local fish populations. And the really sad part is that the people who put these gill nets out aren't interested in fish like bass or bluegill so many times, instead of throwing them back in the water, they throw the unwanted fish up on shore to die. More than once, I've walked the shore of a lake only to come across hundreds of dead bluegill that were thrown on the shore by these gill net "fishermen."...

Report with Picture from the Lost Nomad (Korea)

All about Fishing Lures at the Ohio Bass Fishing Blog

In asking anybody for anything, one must be crazy! I don't know you, you don't know me. Why should I even give you the time of day? I swear the amount of begging one must do, I wonder if there are any other professions where the talent has to do the solicitations. Where the angler is the complete team,all other sports are multi person companies.
From blog on the difficulty that the average Bass Pro has in building sponsorships. Read it all.

You Go Fisher Lady:
An Oklahoma cattle rancher who volunteered in the search-and-rescue efforts after the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001, has signed up to fish the 2006 Mercury Marine Women’s Bassmaster Tour presented by Triton.

Kitsy Cunningham of Eufaula, 48, said the tour provides her an outlet to release the stress of working search and rescue. “I am forever grateful to BASS for starting the WBT. It’s the best thing that has happened to women anglers.”...

Full at Lady Bass Angler News

Speaking of Lady Bass Anglers, does anyone else find this Cyberchick to be a bit disturbing. (Takes a while to load on dial up, but worth the wait. When she's done talking have her follow the cursor, STRANGE!)

Daily BP reading assignment:
Daily Bassdozer Article: The Cold Season
by North Alabama Guide Troy Jens

Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide Article: Winter Technique By Dan O'Sullivan

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