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Thursday, February 16, 2006

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HellaBass: Tougher competiton: Federation Nation or Weekend Series? My thoughts: Bass has pretty much lost the "Federation Nation" to FLW because FLW made a better offer. I hope this change will mean the Federations will adopt the Co-Angler model for Non-boaters.

FYI: My computer seems to have caught my cold and is giving me issues today. AGGGGGH.

File Under Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy: Weir Misses Bus, Gets Left Behind The 1st impression this guy made on me was not a good one. Usually I wouldn't root against a US competitor in the Olympics but this Prima Donna Wannbe rubbed me the wrong way. Good job LOSER!

Ohio Bass Fishing Blog is seeing Red, so was HellaBass.

Not in my Twin Cities.

Update: via Moldy Chum: Debate rages over world's smallest fish

BP reading assignment:
Daily Bassdozer Article: An Interview with John Murray By Russ Bassdozer

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HellaBass said...


I think in the end, it will be closer to a 50-50% split and many guys/gals will fish both. Its pretty clear that both Federations will work to establish themselves in each state. As far as the co-angler idea, Right now a non-boater can qualify for the Classic and win the whole thing. You can fish & qualify at the State & Divisional levels as a non-boater, and once you make it to Nationals & Classic, boats are provided. In the Co-angler model you are limited to what you are competing for.... Just another way to look at it