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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lookie what I got in the mail today:
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The Bassmaster 2006 Pro Guide which looks to be a primer for the 2006 BASS/ESPN Tour season, especially the classic. I've been shying away from reading the Bassmaster magazines I've been getting, but you can bet this one will be read for it's fantasy bass fishing implications. BTW-ESPN/BASS Fantasy Bass Fishing IS NOW OPEN!

Daily Pro Site-ING:
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Brennen Bosley FLW pro going into Day 4 leading the Lake Murray FLW Tour Stop. He only leads Anthony Gagliardi by 2 lbs on a lake with monster bags. Who's gonna win it. Find out as the BP live blogs it.

LiveBlogging Lake Murray Final Weigh In:
They are doing angler intro's focusing of coarse on Bosley and Gagliardi who were also 1&2 at a FLW Kentucky Lake event, which Gagliardi won. Brennen Bosley was appropriately fishing out of the Banana Boat

Weigh in Started with Matt Herren elimined 16-6 for a total of 18-11.
Terry Seagraves eliminated with total of 7-5
Katsu eliminated with 12-12
Dave Smith is up, needs 12-5 to catch Bosley 5 fish limit that went 10-2 total 18-13 eliminated
Next up Jeremiah Kindy who needs 12-2 to bass Bosley, weighs 4 fish for 12-15, takes the lead.
Next up Clifford Pirch who needs 11-11 to take the lead from Kindy, Pirch weighs 5 for 10-15 so Kindy still leads, 21-1 Pirch eliminated
Next up is David Wolack of Warrior Run PA, he needs 9-1 to take the lead from Kindy
Wolack weighs in 4 fish for 9-2 so he takes the lead
Next up is Tim Carroll who is 7-3 out of the lead, he weighs 2 fish for 9-2 takes lead
Next up is Gagliardi, he needs 5-7 weighs 2 fish for 9-3
Next up is Brennen Bosley who needs 7-5, weighs in 2 that go 7-5 to retake lead
Next up is Kindy who needs 6-8, No more fish, eliminated
Next up is Wolak who needs 6-7, last fish is 3-3, eliminated
Next up is Carroll who needs 3-14, weighs in 3rd fish 6-5
Next up Gagliardi needs 2-5, weighs in 3rd fish for 5-6
Next up is Bosley needs 5-6 to retake, needs 3&4th fish for 9-7
Next up is Carroll needs 7-1 with 2 fish left, weighs in 8-9 fish to take lead
Next up is Gagliardi, needs 5-12 with 2 fish remaining, weighs 6-13 to take the lead
All anglers have 1 fish left, Gags leads
Next up is Bosley with last fish needs 2-12, weighs in last fish for 8-1 for 45-12 leads Gag's by 5-7. Broke FLW 2 day record.
Next Carroll needs 6-8, last fish weighs in 6-6, so he is eliminated
Last up is Gagliardi who needs 5-6 to take the lead and $200,000, weighs in 6-14. GAGLIARDI WINS and sets new FLW record with 2 day total of 47-4.

Note Tim Carroll weighed in 30-15 to set a new FLW 1 day record, that's a 6lb average and his 45-10 is the 3rd best FLW 2day weight ever.
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Way to go Gagliardi!

FLW Lake Murray Wrap Up
BassFan Lake Murray Final Day


HellaBass said...

I finally got my issue yesterday. I started to flip through, looks very good. I got the SuperBowl ad with Skeet Reese on my blog if you did not catch it during the big game.

HellaBass said...

Did anyone take notice or any thought on the tournament chart on page 8. I thought it was a very interesting perspective on the Federation Nation vs. Weekend Series... I got the chart here -