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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Daily Pro Site-ING
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It has to be $200,000 FLW Chevy Open winner Anthony Gagliardi.

“I promised my first-graders I’d buy them all ice cream if he won.”
– Kristin Gagliardi, on her plans for her husband’s $200,000 paycheck.
Send him congratulations here.

Things that make you go hmmm:
So would this mean that a 70 MPH bass boat would bea able to go 70 MPH in syrup as well? If the propeller couldn't turn it's full RPM because of the viscosity of the liquid which it had to displace, would it still be capable of the same top speeds?
See what brought this quandry about at Ezods

More on that Shark caught Ice Fishing at Muskoka Outdoors Blog

Now lets see which of these make the cut, if any:
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I'm looking for more fishing blogs if you were wondering and these are the results

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