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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Daily Pro Site-ING=
Posted by PicasaU2 steal the spotlight at Grammy awards This is fine with me. (U2 is the BP's favorite band after all; I am listening to Rock Album of the Year, "How to Dismantle...", right now.

Daily Pro Site-ING (Bass Pro)=
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David Fritts the consummate and probably ultimate crankbait fisherman. On Day 1 he came in tied for 10th at Lake Murray.Update: The wheels come off Fritts on Day 2. Full Bassfan Day 2 Lake Murray round up.

FBF Lake Murray Day 2 Update: The Thrill is gone as Fritts, Nixon, Walker, and Davis all stumble. Boo Hoo! Catch the Full Posse Day 2 round up.

Favorite Fish: Pete at Fishing Jones votes Pike.

Why? My blog will never be as good as Moldy Chum AND why I fish for fish smaller than me.

Daily BP reading assignment:
Daily Bassdozer Article: Turn Christmas Trees into Brush Piles By Paul Crawford
Daily Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide Article: Cold Water Lunkers by By Dean Stroman

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